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any animal can bite
Bringing any pet into your home is a risk. A dog is no exception.

Children should never be left alone with dogs.
While a dog may be great with kids, kids can often poke and prod a dog in ways that make it nip. A nip to an adult is no big deal, but as a small person, a nip can cause great damage. Also, their low height makes their face a likely target for an average sized dog.

Dog Bites By Age


Any dog can bite.
Choosing a breed that best fits your lifestyle and energy level will reduce dog bites. While that sad dog may need you, if you can't get it enough exersize and training, this dog would become a risk. With proper training and knowledge, any breed can make a great pet. Do your research before falling for the first cute furry face at your local breeder’s or shelter.

USA Dog Bite Facts

4.7 million people each year are bitten by dogs. This can be anything from a playful nip to an all out attack.

800,000 Americans seek medical attention of some kind for dog bites.

334,000 require treatment in a hospital emergency department

6,000 need to be hospitalized for their injuries.

30 people die each year from dog bites, attacks, and related injuries such as infection of bites.
Most dogs involved in fatalities were interting with children under 10 while unsupervised. Roaming or feral dogs were the next largest risk to people.

In 2000, a pomerainain killed a baby. This does not make pomeranians bad, it simply illustrates the point that any dog can bite. Constant supervision of kids of all ages when they interact with dogs is imperative.