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BSL Means Breed Specific Legislation
breed specific legislation also means your dog and your community may be in danger

BSL, Breed Specific Legislation, is also referred to as Breed Discriminatory Laws and Breed Bans. While many owners dismiss this as effecting only pit bull types, or only "mean" dogs, it can affect all dog breeds. Breeds are often labeled generally like pit bull, bull dog, mastiff, and shepherd. Each of these labels covers a great variety of breeds, often some that you would never think of as dangerous or vicious. This, along with promoting a reduced sense of responsibility for the dogs actions on the owner are what make Breed Specific Legislation so dangerous. Most BSL is based on the physical look of the dog, not the actual genetic breed. It is important to consider this when moving to an area with active BSL.

Owner responsibility and thorough research into the breeds, and their needs, you are considering bring into your home will make your neighborhood safer. Different dogs have different needs, as an owner, you need to be sure to bring in a dog that you will be able to fullfill.