Fila Brasiliero

Fila Brasileiro
photo by naotse

Banned or Restricted in Areas Within: Colorado, Oregon

Without a moments thought or concern, even for their own safety, a Fila Brasiliero will jump in to protect their owner. Their only goal and purpose is to be with and protect their people. Willing to take a lot of abuse from children in their family, this is a dog that once it bonds to a family, that family is the center of the universe to them. Great as family pets, these loving mastiffs will even bond with the other pets of the household. The only danger of this breed is after they drink water, as this causes them to drool heavily. By socializing them throughout life, stating at an early age, it will show them that not all strangers are the threat. It is often chosen not to socialize a Fila after four months so that they will distrust strange people and dogs. This is what causes them to sometimes look like maniacs lunging at the end of a leash.