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how to reduce dog bites
What can you do?

Spread Correct Information!
You don't need to rush out and get an American Pit bull Terrier or other breed that is being descrimninated against. All you need to do is speak out. Tell someone about BSL and why it doesn't work. As a country that has fought so hard against descrimination, why do we allow descrimination based on the breed? This is canine racial profiling, and it does not make anyone safer.

Speak out against BSL and encourage these solution that work to reduce dog bites and attacks.

Spay and Neuter
Spaying and Neutering reduces agression and territorial tendencies. A female dog who is pregnant, in heat, or with puppies is more likely to react aggressively. Male dogs feel a greater need to dominate, and this results in agression freqently. Once they are neutered, they are less dominant, and neutering will also reduce other behavioral issues. Aside from the immediate effect on aggression, spaying and neutering reduces the unwanted dog population. Roaming, feral, and unsupervized dogs are resonsible for many injuries. These unwanted dogs are the result of pets that were not spayed or neutered and went on to breed. These dogs in turn are not socialized to people and become aggressive and dangerous.

Spaying and neutering your dog will help to reduce dog bites and darngerous dogs by over 50%, maybe even as high as 75%. This is a simply way you can help your dog live a happy healthy life while you improve the safety of your community.

Responsible Ownership
When you decide to get a dog, carefully evaulate how much time you have. If you do not have the time to exercise your dog enough, they could turn aggressive or destructive. The best way to avoid this is to choose a dog who is the right energy level for you and your family. If you work long hours, a low energy dog would be best for you, as it is likely you will have less time to walk the dog. If you are out running every day, a higher energy dog would be better suited for you.

Being a responsible owner also means keeping track of your dog. Do not let your dog roam around. This could be dangerous for both people and animals. A roaming dog is at high risk of being hit by a car or stolen. Also, a person or child may see the dog and approach it, and while your dog is normally friendly, if it is alone it could be scared or get startled and nip or bite someone.

No matter how friendly a dog is, never leave it unnatended with a small child. A kid may pull its tail or poke the dog. This could cuse the dog to nip, and a little nip on a tiny kid can do a lot of damage. Becasue of the height of kids, the often get bitten in the face. This can all be avoided by simply not leaving kids and dogs alone together.

Dogs are dogs.
They are not people, and do not react like them. It is most important to remember this.

There will always be people who abuse animals. This causes agression, for logical reasons. Hitting your dog, or doing any violence to it will cause your dog to be a bite risk.