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what makes vicious dogs
what really makes a dog dangerous?

Size doesn't matter. Breed doesn't matter. Shape doesn't matter.

So what does influence dog aggression?

Gender is a factor. Male dogs are much more likely to be agressive than female dogs.
Lack of spaying and neutering is the biggest player in dog aggression.
Dogs that have not been spayed or neutered are far more likely to have agressive tendencies.


Agression Chart

By spaying and neutering, you greatly reduce the threat of dog bites. It reduces unwanted, stray, and roaming dogs who are feral and a threat to people. It also reduces aggression in beloved pets.

Another factor is the amount of exercise the dog gets on a regular basis. A dog that does not get enough physical activity will develope neurotic tendancies. This can be anythign from hyperactivity to fear to aggression. Any of these qualities can make interactions with your dog a risk. Curing this is as easy as a long walk. There is no reason to ignore your dog's exercise needs.